Monday, August 5, 2013

Cheesy Black Bean & Corn Enchiladas...

We love enchiladas and when I saw this recipe for Cheesy Black Bean & Corn Enchilada's on Pinterest I knew this was one we'd have to try. As I've mentioned previously we just started cooking more with black beans in the past year and have found they've become a staple in our weekly ingredients and something that make a great healthy meat substitute.

The only two changes I made to this recipe were that instead of making the homemade enchilada sauce I just used canned. I'm sure the homemade sauce is delicious but I wanted this to be a simple dish and the canned red enchilada sauce worked great for us. I might try the homemade at some point in the future to compare. Since we love onions I also sliced up a large yellow onion and sauteed it and then added this to each of the enchiladas.

These also made great leftovers the next day! Seriously, look at all that cheesy goodness...

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