Friday, March 8, 2013

A warm comfort breakfast, slow cooker apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal!

We've been getting loads of snow this past month here in Kansas, and to me nothing says comfort on those cold wintry mornings like waking up to a warm bowl of oatmeal. Until a few months ago I had never heard of steel cut oats, but now I'm totally hooked; these are even healthier for you then old fashioned rolled oats!!!

This recipe from The Yummy Life for slow cooker apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal has become one of our favorite cold weather breakfasts, and my son, who is a toddler, cannot get enough of it! I followed her tips on putting everything in a glass bowl in the crock pot and then just filling the crock pot itself with water about halfway up the bowl. This makes putting the bowl of left over oatmeal in the fridge easier, and we just continue to warm up the extras each morning until its all gone. The great thing about this recipe is you just throw it all in the crock pot before bed and wake up in the morning to a delicious healthy breakfast!


Just add some raisins, and dependent on how creamy you like your oatmeal maybe a bit of extra milk, and you have one delicious comfort breakfast! Oh, and it makes the house smell SO good too!

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